Treatable Traits

Overview - Treatable Traits

Treatable Traits is a personalised medicine model of care that has been proposed for the management of airway diseases. Using a Treatable Traits approach, individual characteristics of patients are identified using multidimensional assessment. To be considered a trait it must be:

  1. Clinically important
  2. Identifiable and measurable 
  3. Treatable/modifiable

Traits are categorised with three domains, Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary Traits and Behavioural/Risk Factors  (McDonald et al. 2019, Agusti et al. 2016,2017,2021).

The following pages outline a treatable traits approach to individualise asthma treatment across the timeline of pregnancy to improve patient quality of life, exacerbation rates, and improve post-natal outcomes.

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