Asthma in Pregnancy Workshop – Belconnen, ACT

Wednesday 24th of May 2023. 6:00 pmto 8:30 pm.

This workshop aims to educate healthcare professionals on the management of asthma during pregnancy and the importance of good asthma control for both mother and baby. The workshop will cover a range of topics related to asthma management during pregnancy, including appropriate medication use, proper inhaler technique, written asthma action plans, and treating treatable traits. Additionally, participants will learn how to perform spirometry and measure fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Encourage regular (4-6 weekly) GP visits for pregnant women with asthma, to check asthma symptoms and asthma control.
  • Encourage adherence to controller medication for pregnant women with asthma.
  • Ensure all pregnant women have an individualised, current written asthma action plan.
  • Understand correct inhaler technique to improve medication efficacy and optimal symptom control.
  • Understand potential breathing tests that could be used to assess lung function and airway inflammation.
  • Understand the risks of poor pregnancy outcomes for women with asthma, and considerations for their maternity care.

Workshop is funded by an ACT Health ‘Healthy Canberra’ Grant for the health promotion campaign ‘Breathe Well for Your Baby.’ The campaign is being delivered across the ACT during 2023 in partnership with Asthma Australia.

This workshop is most beneficial for healthcare professionals, including midwives, obstetricians, respiratory physicians, and general practitioners.

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